Our Church

We are a Christian, Evangelical, and Reformed congregation of Southern Oregon. We are covenanted together to worship and glorify the Triune God, to love one another, and seek to proclaim the Gospel as His kingdom fills the whole earth like the waters cover the sea. In submission to Scripture, we confess the purpose of our church is to glorify God through reverent worship, proclaim Christ to sinners, and build up our members through preaching the whole counsel of God and observing Christ’s sacraments.

We have now made our denominational home in the C.R.E.C (Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches).

Doctrinally, we affirm the great creeds and formulas of the early church (Nicene, Apostles, and Chalcedonian), as well as the great confessions of the Reformation era (especially the Westminster Standards).

If you are looking for a Church family with a deep desire for faithfulness to inspired Scripture in its preaching, worship, and discipleship, we encourage you to visit us or to contact us with your questions.

About Our Worship

The essence of true worship is covenant renewal. Lord’s Day worship is a time when God reaffirms His covenant relation to His people, communing with, informing and transforming them, and then re-sending them into the world in order to remake the world after the heavenly promises, priorities and patterns revealed to them in God’s presence.

The rhythm of worship is antiphonal: Throughout the service, God speaks to us and we respond.

The mode of worship is spiritual and incarnational: We worship God with our spirits, our hands, and our voices, employing various appropriate bodily postures.

Call to Worship: God comes near and calls His people out of the world to gather in His presence. He graciously takes hold of us and brings us near to Himself

Confession and Forgiveness: God reminds us what He has done for us in Christ and declares His interest in restoring us again to His favor in Christ. We confess our sins and God absolves us of guilt. God graciously reminds us that we bear the name Christian and are members of His family in Christ. He tears us from our old sinful ways and renews His love for us in Christ.

Consecration: God speaks to us through his Word read, sung and preached. We, His people respond by giving ourselves and our gifts as fitting offerings.

Communion: God invites us to commune with Him at His Table, and we respond by memorializing His covenant and enjoying His faithful provisions at the family feast.

Commission: God sends out into the world to make Him known through our thoughts words and deeds. We partner with God in the work of reconciliation.